Uncle Grandpa: Wtf?

Not sure about how many people know about the show, Uncle Grandpa, but it is one of the biggest piece of crazy crap I have seen on TV in recent years. There’s really no plot or story for the show, and the titular character is more brainless than how media portrays cheerleaders and blondes.

The main cast for the show is the title character, Uncle Grandpa, who claims to be everyone’s uncle and grandpa, Belly Bag, a waist bag around Uncle Grandpa’s fat stomach who can talk, Pizza Steve, a sentient piece of pizza who believes to be the coolest thing ever, Mr. Gus, a monotone lizard, and Giant Flying Realistic Tiger, a paper-like cutout of a tiger who shoots rainbows from her butt to move and acts like a stereotypical teenage girl.

Now, my gripe with the show comes from the episode, Escalator. In the episode, Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, and Mr. Gus go to the mall to get Mr. Gus a new shirt. Sounds helpless, right? Well, while U.G. and P.S. take the escalator down, Mr. Gus takes the stairs and gets laughed at for walking. But when he gets to the bottom floor and heads to the store, the escalator stops and Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve act like they’re stranded on the escalator, causing a national wide panic. Then later on, it gets fixed and everyone cheers the rescue of the two.

Are you freaking kidding me?! I have seen broken escalators before and people just walk them like normal stairs and no one panics at all. Yet the show has a episode where one stops and everyone panics because there are two brainless idiots who don’t know they can simple walk down the escalator like stairs.

On the note of two brainless characters I can’t stand, there are side characters, Happy Bear and Hot Dog Person. One episode has Happy Bear trying to get a jar of cookies while standing on a computer with Hot Dog Person watches as he activates and sets off nectular missiles, destroying the world while Happy Bear is too happily oblivious to notice.


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